Business email

Are you looking for a business solution that offers complete access to your email, calendar, contacts and/or MS Office? Use IT offers various possibilities regarding business email. We have, among other things, our own mail platform in our Dutch data centre.


Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a business solution that ensures your email, (shared) calendar, (shared) contacts and, possibly, tasks, are always available. As an example: easily create calendar items or contacts via your computer by yourself, or done by a colleague, and access them directly on your mobile devices and vice versa. You can safely access your email, calendar and contacts from any location with an Internet connection. Hosted Exchange by Use IT basically offers the same possibilities as your own server. With one big difference: we provide maintenance, have the knowledge to maintain the system and you do not have to worry about security, backups, virus scanners and keeping the software up-to-date. You do not need to invest in hardware or software for these solutions. You pay a fixed price per user per month.


Office 365

In addition to our Hosted Exchange, we provide solutions through Microsoft Office 365, which makes it possible to purchase other products, such as the Office suite, Skype for Business, OneDrive and SharePoint, in addition to business email. This Cloud service allows you to work anywhere and, moreover, you only have to pay for the programs you need. This can vary per user. Of course we can advise you on which subscription is most suitable for your organisation. We also take care of the migration to Office 365 and take care of the maintenance so that you can continue to work carefree.


Mail fallback (bSMTP)

If your mail server is temporarily unavailable due to a malfunction or maintenance (offline), then our mail fallback service will silently capture your email traffic. When your mail server is back online, the mail is delivered directly by our platform. This service is extremely suitable for a mail server at its own location or for a (private) Cloud solution.


Mail filter (anti-spam)

A substantial percentage of all email traffic involves unsolicited e-mails. It is advisable to take this off before the traffic reaches your mail server. Use IT offers various options for this and advises you on the possibilities that are available.


Advantages of business email via Use IT:

  • Access your email, calendar, contacts and files anywhere on different devices (desktop, smartphone or tablet);
  • Always the most recent version of MS Office;
  • Daily backup of your email;
  • Pay per user, mix & match different types of subscriptions;
  • 50 GB inbox;
  • Central calendar;
  • Shared email;
  • Functional mailboxes;
  • Insight into all mailboxes;
  • Scan to email;
  • Webmail
  • Carefree e-mailing thanks to spam filter and antivirus;
  • Push mail;
  • POP (3) and IMAP;
  • Shared calendar, for example, to reserve meeting rooms or carpool.