Home-based work environment

Access your applications, files, email and/or telephony environment anytime and anywhere. On your PC, MAC, laptop, notebook, thin client, tablet or smartphone. No worries about maintenance or the backup!

In the past, people spoke of teleworking, nowadays they call it remote working, the home-based work environment, the online workplace, Hosted Desktop or working from the Cloud. Use IT offers solutions in any desirable form, for all budgets. In addition to your current IT environment, or your entire IT environment transferred to our Cloud.

Who is it for?

Great for freelancers, smaller companies, but also the larger companies within the MKB (SME).


Some examples of our home-based work solutions:

  • Use IT Hosted Desktop: your personal desktop with all your applications, email and files within one secure environment;
  • Use IT VPN (Virtual Private Network): a secure connection (SSL VPN) from your workstations or mobile devices to our Cloud or your own company network;
  • Use IT Synced Cloud: synchronisation of your company documents, so you can also work offline on the plane or in locations with poor Internet reception;
  • All solutions with or without token solution (two-step or two-factor authentication).