Telephony access is essential for every company. Use IT can advise on the various solutions that may be suitable for your company or you can take over the management of an existing installation.


  • The traditionally trusted (PBX) telephony exchange at your location via an ISDN connection;
  • A hybrid solution: a telephony exchange (or telephony server) at your location with SIP trunk obvVoIP
  • A complete “hosted” solution obvInternet Calling

With the impending phase-out of ISDN and PSTN (the analogue line), we aim for a completely VoIP-oriented solution for all newly purchased products. Our “Use IT telephony” solutions are obvVoIP and Cloud-based. This means that you can make a call via the Internet using the virtual Use IT telephony platform. All of your devices connect directly to our platform via your internet connection. This way you benefit directly from our excellent rates offering you maximum flexibility.


An overview of our standard functionalities:

  • Call groups
  • On-hold music
  • Voicemail (sent by email)
  • Central telephone book
  • Queuing system
  • Shortened (internal) numbers
  • Fax-To-Email
  • Conference call
  • Selection menu (Auto attendant/digital receptionist)
  • Call recording (call recording)
  • Click to call via computer screen (click2call)
  • Call monitoring and operation via computer screen
  • Possibility to call via app on smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows)

If you require additional functionality, you can choose our professional functionalities:

  • CRM integration
  • Call centre functionalities (including wallboard and queue statistics)

Maximum flexibility

With “Call via the Internet or the Cloud” you do not have your own telephone exchange, so no more astronomical installations costs. You use a virtual telephone exchange from Use IT. Here you can scale up/down according to your requirements in terms of number of devices/users and functionality.

Features Use IT telephony:

  • No high installation costs (no start-up investments);
  • Transparent monthly costs;
  • Scale up when necessary;
  • Connecting telephones to our virtual PBX in the Cloud (location-independent);
  • Maximum flexibility (pay per user and based on required functionality);
  • Favourable rates (via Use IT SIP trunk);
  • Standard includes full functionalities package available.


Use I.T. B.V. is registered as a provider of public electronic communication services under number 943418 with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).