Automated backup

Information systems are important for your organisation. The company’s continuity is closely related to the availability of data. This creates a vulnerability. Vulnerability that can be removed with Use IT Secure Backup. This is a fully automated service, which can restore your data at any time (24/7) via a highly user-friendly interface.

A good backup can be crucial. In the case of minor human error, but also in the event of fire, theft, system failure, water damage or even a natural disaster, your data is secured.

Use IT Secure Backup is a fully automated service that can restore your data at any time (24/7) via a highly user-friendly interface.

We also offer server back-ups by Veeam. click here for more information.


A backup of your system is made automatically every day. It is sent compressed and encrypted over your existing internet connection to our data centre. Our backup software makes a complete backup of your data for the first time. After the first complete backup, only the changes are sent, so that the network is burdened as little as possible. The transfer to our data centre takes place at a time determined by you, so that the data connection is minimised and your business operations are not hindered.


Use IT Secure Backup is the secure, easy and reliable solution for backing up your data. Suitable for complete server parks, but also for single servers or individual PCs, laptops and Macs.


  • A daily backup of your system is made automatically;
  • Warning for missed backups;
  • Secure data transport and off-site data storage;
  • No start-up investments or expensive hardware/software costs;
  • Transparent monthly costs;
  • Easy transfer, 24 hours a day;
  • Special solutions for database backup;
  • Restores multiple file versions.